4-H Record Book Help

It is very important that each 4-Her complete a 4-H Record Book. The task is simpler than you might think! Here are some resources to get your started!

What is in a 4-H Record Book?
1. A story: This is 10 pages with pictures about all of the projects you are involved in as a 4-Her. The judge likes to learn about who you are in this story! Include things like: Why & when you joined 4-H, who your family is, what your favorite part of 4-H is…

2. A report form:  Click –>Sample Record Book 2013 to download a cheaters version of the report form! We have done *almost* all the work for you!

Click here for the District 2 4-H Record Book Guide. But please don’t get bogged down with all the info there!

What is my Record Book Category?
1. What project area are you most involved in?

2. Your main category will be the one you compete in, you can have other categories as well. For example, you might show lambs, steers and participate in archery. Choose 1 to compete in (your most active) and use the other 2 as supporting projects.

Click here for a full list of categories and their descriptions

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