The Entomology Contest will consist of a written test and identification of insects. The Entomology contest is very indepth, we want to start slow and small. Don’t be overwhelmed!

Insect Learning Module 1

Insect Learning Module 2

Insect Learning Module 3

Insect ID Study

Juniors will have to write the common name and the order of the insect. For this year, please focus on these insects:
SilverfishBlackwinged Damsel Fly
Field Cricket
Praying Mantids
Walking Stick
Green Stink Bug
Squash Bug
Caterpillar Hunter
Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Horse Fly
House Fly
Bumble Bee
Cicada Killer
Honey Bee
Mud Dauber
Red Harvester Ant
Red Imported Fire Ant
Yellow Jacket
Click the above link to see photos of each insect. Remember to learn the common name and the order.

Sample Junior Exam

Sample Intermediate Exam

More Study Information

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