Rabbit Project

Angela Arthur, Adult Volunteer is the contact person for the Crosby County 4-H Rabbit Project. Angela can be contacted at 806-781-6189.

The Rabbit Project also has a Facebook Group. All information about upcoming meetings is posted on the Facebook page

If you are interested in raising or showing bunnies, please contact Angela. She can help you find/purchase bunnies and equipment. We also have a lease program where you can use our cage and bunny to decide if raising a rabbit is right for you.

Purchasing Show Rabbits
Daily Care of Bunnies

Raising Successful Meat Rabbits
Where to Purchase Supplies
Showmanship Materials
Housing and Equipment
Rabbit Grooming
Rabbit Health
Rabbit Terms
Types of Rabbits
Rabbit Handling and Showing
Raising Successful Meat Rabbits
ARBA Registrar Study Guide

Bunny kids

group photo

American Rabbit Breeders Association

South Plains Fair

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